SER 4 – Patrick Wood – Technocracy is the Blueprint for Global Government



Patrick Wood

What is the Trilateral Commission? By whom was it formed and for what purposes? What is Technocracy? Why should you care to know about either of these things?  Stay tuned for my interview with Patrick Wood where you find out why you must be informed about the end game being implemented globally right now.

Patrick M. Wood is editor of The August Fore­cast and The August Review. The August Fore­cast pro­vides a suc­cinct look for­ward to ana­lyze trends relating to mar­kets, eco­nomics, pol­i­tics and finance; The August Review is an his­tor­ical review of global elitism, its players and policies.

As an author and lecturer Patrick frequently speaks on his research findings related to The Trilateral Commission, Technocracy, Transhumanism, and Scientism, and how these are transforming economics, politics, and religion globally.