SER 3 – Katherine Albrecht – Privacy? Not in the New American Surveillance State

Katherine Albrecht

Surveillance has become a multi-billion dollar business.  Governments and corporations have made data collection a top priority.

Recently Senator Rand Paul was excoriated by the media and colleagues on both sides of the aisle, for his filibuster aimed at delaying a renewal of the Patriot Act that contains among other things what are described as illegal spying operations and mass data collection efforts of the most private and personal communications of American citizens.

Flying more under the radar was the recent passage of the Freedom Act which curtailed the so-called “section 215” bulk collection of telephone metadata such as who called whom but it did not stop the NSA from collecting and reading the content of the calls.

Is there really any privacy when it comes to your personal communications whether through email, telephone, or online conversations?

You might be surprised by the answers to these questions and many more. SER 3 is an interview with Dr. Katherine Albrecht.