Soaring Eagle Radio Joins the Prepper Broadcasting Network

More than a year ago God impressed upon me the significance of Revelation 3:8 for the days that we live in and most especially for the ministries that He has graciously given me to serve Him through. As regular listeners know I started this podcast in order to speak with people who have information based on their research and God-given ministry that I believe the Church needs to hear. The truth is that the majority of Christian Churches in America are being fed a steady diet of spiritual cotton candy – big and fluffy, disappears once you bite into it, rots your teeth and lacks any nutritional value spiritually speaking.

After nearly a year of interviews with inspiring people of many ministry types and focus, God began to expand the outreach of Soaring Eagle Radio. We first appeared on WTTP FM ( in Lima, Ohio. Then in rapid succession SER joined the Global Star Radio Network (, Red Nation Rising ( and today SER begins a new partnership with The Prepper Broadcasting Network ( where SER will air Mondays at 2pm and 9pm. Visit their site and tell them thank you for adding us to their lineup.

God has indeed opened many doors for this ministry and I am grateful for all He is doing. Please continue to pray for me and this continued outreach and. It truly is His work through us all.


Pastor Mike