SER 68 – Doug Woodward – Russia in Biblical Prophecy: What Should We Expect?


The tug of war over power and control in the Middle East has been a see-saw affair for decades. The atrocities committed in Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Syria are stunning. Nations rising up against nations, new pacts made between former adversaries, secret deals and clandestine operations have become commonplace. How does anyone keep up with the events happening in the Middle East, much less understand them. Without the lens of biblical prophecy the myriad of daily news stories looks very much like a tangled mess of unrelated nationalistic machinations. However, with an understanding of the prophecies concerning Israel, Syria, Iran, and Russia one can see that the events unfolding were foretold of long ago.

This episode of SER is my conversation with author, researcher, and prophecy expert Doug Woodward.

Doug’s bio

S. DOUGLAS WOODWARD (BA, ThM) is an author, speaker, and researcher on the topics of alternate history, the apocalypse and culture, and biblical eschatology with an emphasis upon America’s place in Bible prophecy.  He has 40 years’ experience in researching, writing, and teaching on the subject. He has written twelve books including co-authoring the bestseller, The Final Babylon (2013) and author of Lying Wonders of the Red Planet (2014) and Uncommon Sense (2014). His latest book is entitled, The Next Great War in the Middle East (2016). He also contributed to three titles for Defender Publishing: Pandemonium’s Engine (2011), God’s Ghostbusters (2011), and Blood on the Altar (2014). Doug is a frequent guest on radio and television programs addressing current issues from a biblical perspective. His next book for Faith Happens will be Revising Reality:  A Biblical Look into the Cosmos, co-authored with Anthony Patch, Josh Peck, and Gonzo Shimura.

*Note – Audio difficulties in this episode.