SER 1 – Natalina – From New Age to Jesus Christ

Nat Episode 1


Episode one of SER is a conversation with Natalina about her journey from new age mysticism to faith in Jesus Christ.

The New Age Movement is not easily defined. Since its beginning it has undergone many transformations. A few things remain at its core though. Among them are the belief in the godhood of man and the absolute necessity of global unity.  When I say that New Age adherents believe in the godhood of man I don’t mean that in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense.

The use of visualization and projection are thought of as stepping stones on the path to realizing a sort of individual Christ-consciousness. In short, this means that mankind has the ability to save itself through correct thinking, knowledge, and spiritual unity.

My guest on this episode is Natalina. She has traveled the roads of New Age thought and practice and thus has some very important insights to speak with us about today.

You may know her from her podcast show – Beyond Extraordinary and from her blog and website – Extraordinary Intelligence: Exploring the Supernatural and Conspiracy.