SER 47 – Mark Goodwin – Behold Darkness and Sorrow – Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt – Book One

Mark Goodwin2


Have you considered what would happen in the event a prolonged electrical outage occurred in your area? What if the electrical outage was not isolated to your area alone but in fact shut down the entire electrical grid in America and estimates for restoring power ran into months and possible years.

That scenario is much more realistic than most people want to believe.

I’ll talk about this and more with my guest Mark Goodwin in this episode of SER.

Mark Goodwin Bio

Mark Goodwin is the author of the recently released “Behold Darkness and Sorrow: Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt: Book One; The Days of Noah trilogy; and the Economic Collapse Chronicles, a three book series on the challenges people face during an economic meltdown.

You can find Mark on the internet at where you will find his podcast show archives and many other helpful resources.