SER 49 – Doug Stauffer – Knowing What You Believe and Why You Believe It

Douglas Stauffer


When it comes to sharing the Gospel today, there is much confusion. In fact what passes for Gospel preaching today in many places is not that at all. It is some kind of pseudo-gospel, self-help psych-babble nonsense. How did we get to this place and what can we do to reverse this trend? I talk with Doug Stauffer about this and much more on this episode of SER.


Doug Stauffer is an evangelist and internationally recognized authority in the field of Bible history and defense. He is the author of ten books including (1) “Freedom’s Ring: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Salvation”; and (2) “One Book One Authority: 2000 Years of Church & Bible History.”

Doug has earned three Bible degrees including a PhD in Religion. Because of his biblical expertise, Oxford University Press commissioned Dr. Stauffer to work as a consulting editor.

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