Welcome to Soaring Eagle Radio


Friends, this media/ministry effort that I have dubbed Soaring Eagle Radio (SER) is the culmination of many months of prayer, planning, and hard work. I want to acknowledge the help of all involved in bringing this website and podcast/radio show to fruition.  First is my lovely wife Kathy. She is most precious to me and I thank God everyday for this woman who is my best friend and confidant, not to mention my personal IT Department (that’s a joke between us). She helped me to keep striving to complete this vision of  a show that would reach far down into the local fellowship of believers with news and information they are not getting from their respective pastors. Her technical support and knowledge is gratefully acknowledged.

Then I want to thank Natalina El.  Such a wonderful sister in Christ who offered to help and then built this website you are now experiencing.  Kathy, Natalina, and I had some great laughs as well as some head scratching moments trying to figure out how to use a WordPress theme before gaining a breakthrough with what you are viewing now. Thank you Natalina for your perseverance with us and on our behalf.

Finally, there are many people who have provided encouragement, technical feedback, and prayer along the way. I met Tom Sabella in Nashville at the National Religious Broadcasters convention earlier this year and our follow up conversation helped me to grasp what this podcasting thing was all about. Thanks Tom.

Now a word about “why another podcast?”

You will find over time many SER podcasts and interviews are with people that most believers do not know. This won’t always be the case but in most instances it will. This is by design. One purpose and mission of SER is to bring to the forefront of denominational Christianity the subject issues discussed on this show.  These will include technocracy, technology, transhumanism, globalism in all its forms, freedom and liberty infringement issues, privacy and surveillance issues, environmentalism, economic manipulation, and of course because I am a pastor, issues related to Christianity and the deliberate suppression of it we are witnessing today.

SER will challenge the nominal believer, infuriate the legalists, and bore the goats among the sheep. It is my prayer as well as the prayer of many others involved in the creation, production, and support of SER, that believers will be strengthened in their faith, educated and equipped to share the information they learn on SER, and awaken to the growing threat of the enemies of Christianity in all their forms, appearances, and strategies.

Questions about anything on the site as well as shows or blog posts can be directed to me through the contact form. God bless you today as you seek Him.