SER 42 – Mark Combs – End the Beginning

Mark Combs


Noah, the Ark, and a world-wide flood are hot topics once again. Hollywood has offered their take on Noah as well as other biblical themes; authors are once again exploring the records and creating new research in the field. All of this raises the age-old question – is Noah, the Ark, and a world-wide flood myth or reality?

SER 41 is my conversation with author Mark Combs about his book “End the Beginning.”

Mark Bio

Mark Combs is a critical investigative researcher who is fascinated by Ancient Mysteries, Biblical History and the Origins of Man. He is an author, public speaker, blogger and publisher.

In January 2015, he published his first book, End The Beginning, a non-fiction, critical research volume that examines the evidence for Noah’s great flood.

“End the Beginning” is available on Mark’s website –