SER 40 – Dr. Thomas Woodward – Evolution: An Inadequate Philosophical Speculation

Tom Woodward


The year 1859 witnessed many remarkable and noteworthy events.  For example:

  • Brahm’s 1st piano concerto (in D minor) premiered in Hanover, Germany.
  • The Codex Sinaticus was discovered in Egypt.
  • Oregon became the 33rd state in the Union.
  • Construction of the Suez Canal was begun.
  • Charles Blondin became the 1st person to walk a tight rope across Niagara Falls.

AND, on November 24, 1859 a man named Charles Darwin published his research and interpretation of his field studies entitled “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.”

Over 150 years later Darwin’s theories and what he proposed scientists would find if his theories were true, have been found to be false in most instances. This statement is not at all controversial as most scientists state that the theories of evolution are broad enough to admit various interpretations of what is observed, and therefore when proven false scientists committed to Darwinian evolution simply offer another explanation that appears to support their philosophy.

Darwin’s evolutionary theories relied on naturalistic mechanisms to explain the origin of species.  But can scientific materialism sufficiently explain the origin of life?

The evidence strongly supports a much different origins explanation. This episode of SER is my interview with researcher, author, and theologian, Dr. Thomas Woodward.

Dr. Woodward’s bio

Thomas E. Woodward is a research professor and department chair of the theology department at Trinity College of Florida and a prominent Christian apologist.

He has published widely defending intelligent design and refuting Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since 1988, he has been (Florida) director of Trinity College’s Center for University Ministries (CFUM). Dr. Woodward has also maintained an evangelical teaching and discipleship ministry and been head of the C.S. Lewis Society, which is housed at Trinity College.

He has a B.A. in History from Princeton University and a Th.M. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He did his doctoral work at the University of South Florida. His thesis, a history of the Intelligent Design movement, was published by Baker Books as “Doubts About Darwin” in 2003. He is the author of numerous books including, “Darwin Strikes Back,” and co-authored with Dr. James Gillis “The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA,” and “Darwinism Under the Microscope.”

Dr. Woodward’s website –