SER 36 – Russell Hunter – Abolish Human Abortion

Russell Hunter


The first abolitionists were the first Christians. Though they did not employ the term “Abolitionist,” the earliest followers of Christ certainly engaged in the work of “removing grave evils.” As they spread out in the ancient world proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, they consistently set themselves in bold opposition to their culture’s widespread practices of blood-sport, infanticide, child-abandonment, and abortion.

The rescued discarded babies from the trash heaps and river ways of Rome. They set up orphanages and hospitals. They tore down infanticide shrines and drove out abortionists guilds. They petitioned their rulers to outlaw their culture’s acceptable forms of child-sacrifice. And they succeeded.

The modern Church has forgotten its roots and rightful place as societal conscience and moral compass. Can the Church recover the same God-focused, counter-cultural mindset and purpose that turned the world upside down for Christ?

Stay tuned to the answer to that question and much more with Russell Hunter in this episode of the Soaring Eagle Radio show.

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