SER 31 – Stephanie Sledge – Witnesses To The Overthrow of America


Stephanie Sledge

Living in America in 2015 is an Orwellian adventure. We are witnessing the attempted overthrow of America. That statement will no doubt elicit howls of disbelief and cries of conspiracy! However, the evidence is all around us and it is overwhelming.

From the phony wars on poverty, drugs, and terror, to the false flag events purposely orchestrated to distract and fashion public perception and opinion, America is under siege. Contrary to their stated purpose and historical value, the news media in America is a propaganda extension of their elitist owners.

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? You’re about to find out the answer to those questions. SER 31 is my conversation with Stephanie Sledge of The Government Rag.

Stephanie’s bio

Stephanie Sledge is the creator of The Government Rag Educational Alternative News website. Stephanie is an author, independent researcher, freelance writer, and investigative journalist. She graduated from NW Missouri State University with a degree in ‘Big Business’ management. While attending NWMSU she began to realize that she was being indoctrinated in many classes towards a globalistic business model that indoctrinates the future business managers to think like the global players and manage money like the money masters.

Even though Stephanie awakened to the globalist plays and manipulative money handling, she continued learning so that she could understand the overall business plan which she feels will ultimately lead to the destruction of America.

Since graduating she has engaged in investigative journalism to uncover the globalist’s business plan, world agenda, and plans for America. Stephanie also explores and engages in small business entrepreneurship and mentors other businesses toward a local, more community business approach.

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