SER 24 – Derek Gilbert – Leading by Example


What an honor and blessing it is to interview Derek Gilbert. He is one of the reasons I started SER – to “talk the walk” as his tag line says. News that Christians need to understand the world we live in is sorely lacking not just in the traditional media but sadly from most pulpits.  “Cotton-candy Christianity” (a term that I use often) rules the day and subsequently most churches are not preparing the sheep for what is coming. Derek has been and continues to be a pioneer in interviewing people with viewpoints and opinions that need to be heard by believers everywhere. My thanks to Derek for coming on the show.

Derek’s bio

Derek Gilbert is the General Manager and News Anchor and sometime host of SkyWatchTV, a Christian media ministry, hosts the Internet radio show A View from the Bunker, and co-hosts P.I.D. Radio, one of the earliest Internet-only programs on the web, with his wife, author and analyst Sharon Gilbert.

His secular broadcast career spanned 25 years and included stops at radio stations in Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Little Rock, Peoria, and suburban Chicago.

Derek is the author of two novels – The God Conspiracy and Iron Dragons, and a contributing author to God’s Ghostbusters and Blood on the Altar. He speaks at Bible prophecy conferences, focusing especially on the prophetic implications of Dominion theology and the transhumanist movement.

Derek is also a lifelong Cubs fan (which means this year he had the pleasure of watching them make the playoffs), prefers glasses to contacts, and he’s been known to sing the high part in barbershop and gospel quartets.

The evidence for the authenticity of the New Testament awakened Derek to the spiritual war raging around us. It is this battle that inspires him.

Links to Derek’s resources are found above.