SER 19 – Cal Beisner – The Radical Religion of Environmentalism

Cal Beisner

Today, one of the most dangerous forces threatening the Church and free, just, societies is the environmental movement.

No longer recognizable as the common-sense, people-friendly, even God-honoring conservationist movement from which it derived, it has become an alternative worldview and even a substitute religion with its own false doctrines of God, creation, humanity, sin, and salvation.

Sadly, this radically anti-Christian worldview, theology, and ethic has successfully infiltrated many churches, beguiling many Christians into unwittingly trading the heritage of Biblical faith for a new, false “green” religion.

Many Christians have uncritically embraced the implications, and sometimes even the premises, of the environmentalist’s atheism or pantheism; the topsy-turvy value system that protects eagles’ eggs but approves of aborting babies or euthanizing the elderly in the name of population control; and the exaggerated and often downright fraudulent claims of eco-disaster pedaled by leading environmentalists and their allies in the media and government.

Whether atheistic and secular or pantheistic and religious, it is decisively anti-Christian, exalting the creation over the Creator, denigrating humanity while magnifying other living creatures, and driven by irrational mysticism and myth rather than the rational truth revealed in Scripture and creation and embodied in Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

Stay tuned for my interview with scholar and climate change expert Cal Beisner next, here on the Soaring Eagle Radio show.

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