SER 13 – Brad Mattes – Unborn Life Matters

Brad Mattes

Shortly after the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, the early pioneers of the pro-life movement put forth a strategy: demonstrate the humanity of the unborn child, raise abortion’s ugly head for all to see, showing the broken and dismembered bodies, and America would soundly reject abortion.

But abortion activists countered that with market research, opinion polls, media sound bites and print advertising. Education of the masses took a contemporary twist. With the help of a sympathetic press, the pro-abortion movement began to infect American culture with researched phrases through massive media buys.

Abortionists changed the focus of the debate from the tiny victim being killed to a question of women’s rights, of “who decides.” With this, there developed a change in public opinion that would both condemn abortion but still allow it as a woman’s right.

Recently the grisly evil of abortion has again been thrust to the forefront of the American conscience through the release of the unedited videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

Can righteousness prevail this time? Can the barbarity of human body parts trafficking be stopped and with it the entire abortion industry brought down? This episode is my conversation with Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute.

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