SER 6 – Johnny Cirucci – Tracing the Jesuit Influence Through History

Johnny Cirucci


Jesuits, communism, and the CIA – what do they have in common? Everything!

Johnny’s book “Illuminati Unmasked: Everything You Need To Know About The New World Order And How We Will Beat Them,” is a tour de force that provides a clear fact-filled road map that identifies the manipulations and outrageous activity of the real global power brokers who are responsible for the current political, social, financial, and religious turmoil we see in America today.

What does (1) the assassination of Abraham Lincoln; (2) a banking cartel known as the Bilderberg Group; (3) the mysterious death of General George S. Patton; (4) the destruction of czarist Russia and the rise of Bolshevism otherwise known as communism; (5) a remote astronomical observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona; and (6) the blatant anti-American rhetoric from our President, many US Senators, and Congressman all have in common?

Listen to my interview with Johnny Cirucci to find out.